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Bereavement House Clearances

Clearing out personal belongings after a loved one’s death is emotional and can be painful. We can be there to minimise this painful process with a tactful and discreet service.

House Clearance after a death

We can only begin to imagine how distressing and saddening it must be, having suffered a recent passing of someone close and to then have to deal with clearing the house  and making other arrangements, we’re helpful as we can be and can perform a clearance and clean. Our staff are polite, quiet, professional and discreet. We always aim to give peace mind and take away as much stress as possible at a painful time like this.

We can do everything for you

Wen you need to make house clearance arrangements after a bereavement and live a large distance from the houseor it’s not possible due to other commitments, we can collect keys from the probate administrator or the estate agent dealing with the estate, both at the time of providing you with a quote, and again when we carry out the work, we can also have a cleaning service performed if you choose too.

We also are happy are if you wish to be present at the house clearance whilst we clear the house, we are more than happy to talk to you about the person we are clearing the property after, we always have time to listen. We are very understanding when our customers find the process of emptying or house clearance upsetting. You will be treated with respect and compassion throughout and your loved ones effects will be removed  from the house in the most respectful and discreet way.

We can remove all unwanted items you’d like cleared including any furniture, white goods and even the smallest items from the property. Our house clearance services are possible for any size of property, even when you feel the premises are cluttered as the result of an illness or hoarding.

We can start a clearance at a time that is convenient for you and we don’t stop until you’re happy the job is cleared from top to bottom, we’ll clear everything including blankets, clothes, fixtures bric-a-brac, garages, sheds, flooring and carpets. We can provide a storage area for any items you have asked us to look out for or items we feel may have sentimental value to yourself, such as photographs and important legal paperwork.

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